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Currently, there are three books in the Melody Jackson Series (the flagship series), all involving the titular character and her oddball family.

Watch this page for upcoming news on new releases and information. Two more books in the series are soon to be released.

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Bernie Jackson reads old comic books and prattles on about them.

Welcome to Lafayette Street Books Blog

Hi everyone,

Melody Jackson here.

Recently I was urged to tell you all about this series of books chronicling our “family adventures” (although I really don’t know how much help Lonnie and Bernie were). In a rather unconvincing, saccharine fashion I was then told it was important to get this information out because my family was funny and delightful, and people would love to read these stories. (It was of course the latter comments that got my parents on board, ignoring the simple fact that by presenting these horrors we experienced to the public we would likely be painted as a tad...eccentric.)

I’m going to be honest, these books were culled from my diary entries and made more “readable” by author BMB Johnson. I never intended these to be printed, and personally would rather they be kept private -- at least until I’m out of high school. I only wrote these thoughts down to keep my sanity and prove to myself I wasn’t dreaming.

Currently there are three books with obviously many more on the way. See Smashwords, and Amazon. At the moment, we’re currently in the middle of what my father is calling the “Well from Hell” saga -- although, please note this is not an official moniker, and I’d rather no one use it. There is what appears to be a bottomless well, and there are some apparently hellish things that go on, but said wells final destination point has never been proven, and Bernie’s hyperbole shouldn’t be encouraged.

It starts when we meet the Woman in White, an apparition who is nightly attacked in her ghost house by a mythological creature, the Bardo. From there, things get weird. We become plagued by a Hound from Hell who, at one point, invades the body of my cousin, hear a Message from Space on hidden track in a record album, and now we’re just about to be invaded by a Creeping Terror.

So that’s it. I’ve just about reached my word count obligation This is all I’m going to say for now.

Thanks for listening,

Melody Jackson

PS. The first book is #permafree on Smashwords, but I beg you not to pick this up or read any of these books. No good could possibly come of it.