The door to the boxlike structure flew open violently.  Screams of terror filled the night. These events went unnoticed by the neighborhood save for the ever-vigilant eyes of three little boys who happened to be on patrol.  These soldiers, the unheralded protectors of Lafayette Street; the night watchmen in a silent world.

Those in the neighborhood who noticed them called them simply “the boys”. They had no names, no identities.

Until the events of what had been tagged Operation Spine Shiver, the purview of the boys had been limited to minor infractions:  Littering, noise disturbance, cars parked farther away than the regulation two inches from the curb.  Such infractions would usually net the offender a small pink ticket noting the transgression and the penalty for repetition (if any).  Now, however, they found themselves faced with an anomaly beyond their comprehension.

Plans were discussed, maps drawn out, messages encrypted. A small camera was installed.  They waited. Intel indicated the event wouldn’t happen again for another three days. Once they had their confirmation, they would address it with the General.

Audio Narration version.

It Happened on Lafayette Street

Season One:  Episode One

Melody Jackson 

vs. The Woman in White

by BMB Johnson