Scene Fourteen

Bernie called a family meeting, after a general consensus had been made about digging up the field.

Jackson Family Meeting

Discussion Points: on the resolution of whether or not to dig the field and break into the station

In attendance: Melody, Lonnie and Bernie Jackson, Mr. Rogers

– Minutes --

Melody: So we're really going to let these two strangers come in and dig up the field, and break into our little weather station?

Lonnie: Our weather station? You've been going on for months about burning the thing down.

Melody: When I say things like that, it's meant extemporaneously. Everyone knows that it's just for effect.

Lonnie: Well, at least that's good to know that you're not a closeted firebug.

Bernie: Did anyone bring snacks? Isn't it compulsory to bring something to munch on during a meeting?

Melody: You and your stomach. I thought this was a serious family discussion.

Bernie: It is serious. I only stepped out this morning because I thought I heard a weird noise, and then I was suddenly abducted by the faceless clown. I didn't think to fill my pockets first with cheesy crackers.

Lonnie: I doubt you'll waste away in a couple of hours.

Melody: First these people pulled guns on us, now they're our partners? This is the question we need to be dealing with here.

Bernie: Not to mention this weird story with the baby and Nixon on a quarter.

Melody: And you don't know the half of it. The boys down the street were taken by away by men in black suits. I don't know if this is related or some seperate weirdness.

Bernie and Lonnie: What?

Melody: I went to check on them and see if we could get some assistance, but they were gone. The sister of one of the boys said “men came and took them away”. At least I think that was the sister of one of them. I don't really remember seeing her before. She could be another ghost for all I know.

Lonnie: Maybe we should call somebody.

Bernie: Who? Better Homes and Gardens? Spider-man?

Mr. Rogers: I don't trust anyone.

Bernie: We're treading a very fine line of who we can trust at the moment, if even ten percent of any of this stuff is true.

Lonnie: Maybe if we could get Chaz...?

Melody: Well, there's an argument for opening the station door. Although, I think that might only work to summon her when it's in mystical portal mode. But, let's be honest. You know that you both want to know what's going on, and logically you know there's no way to control this situation. So we might as well run with it and let reason and responsibility be damned.

Lonnie: How far we've fallen?

Bernie: What? Being rationalized to by our own child?

Melody: Becoming common vandals?

Lonnie: How about letting ourselves to be ruled by thugs.

Bernie: It's a seventy-year-old man and a guy who wears face paint, professionally.

Mr. Rogers: I have to tell you folks something before we make any decisions. I don't know if it had anything to do with anything or if it was just a coincidence. But I saw that symbol – the Celtic Knot – in my wife's possession. She even made us buy this house, very specifically this house, all those years ago even though I thought it was foolish to live so close to the city. But even if the powers that be come raining down on our heads, I would like to get to the bottom of all of this before I meet her in the afterlife.

Bernie: Fair enough. Aye or Nay, Clan Jackson?

Melody: Aye.

Lonnie: Aye.

Mr. Rogers: I don't know if I count in a Jackson famil vote or not, but Aye.

Bernie: You do, and it is so counted. The ayes have it. Let's go tear up a lawn.

It Happened on Lafayette Street

Season One: Episode Four

Melody Jackson

vs. The Creeping Terror

by BMB Johnson

Scene Fourteen

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