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Hi everyone,

Melody Jackson here.

Check out the sidebar menu on the left and look under Melody Jackson Books. We have currently published the first three Melody Jackson books for free on our site with obviously many more on the way. (See Smashwords, and Amazon for physical and eBook versions if preferred.)

At the moment, we’re currently in the middle of Season One, or what my father is calling the “Well from Hell” saga -- although, please note this is not an official moniker, and I’d rather no one use it. There is what appears to be a bottomless well, and there are some apparently hellish things that go on, but said wells final destination point has never been proven, and Bernie’s hyperbole shouldn’t be encouraged.

The adventure starts when we meet the Woman in White, an apparition who is nightly attacked in her ghost house by a mythological creature, the Bardo. From there, things get weird. We become plagued by a Hound from Hell who, at one point, invades the body of my cousin, hear a Message from Space on hidden track in a record album, and now we’re just about to be invaded by a Creeping Terror.

So that’s it. I’ve just about reached my word count obligation This is all I’m going to say for now.

Thanks for listening,

Melody Jackson

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December 22, 2022 - Amazon Vella updates

Metallic Genealogy has moved to Amazon Vella: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0BPRKQ6FM

In addition, we've added three new projects to Vella:

More info to come on all of these works. In the meantime, please check them out and give them a read and a like.

Currently in Progress: Melody Jackson vs The Creeping Terror

Book 4 (or Episode 4 as we call it), is currently in progress. At this very moment, 8 chapters are currently available for this installment (of 16, and an afterlude). I've been working on giving chapter 9 a bit of polish for a while now.) Head to the side panel and get started. Feel free to send us any comments on Twitter @bookslafayette any time.

Where are all of the updates??

Okay, a while back we got Bernie to clean up the site quite a bit, but unfortunately that didn't inspire me to get back to the word processor. While Episodes 4 and 5 (and maybe half of 6) have been written at the draft stage for quite a while now, until this moment I didn't have, for whatever reason, [blame fickle author syndrome if you like] the impetus to come back and throw them in the polisher. Rest assured I am in full Melody Jackson Mode currently, and am eager to get these books completed, get ready for season two and work on some of the spin-offs.


Where's Bernie's Comic book reviews and Limericks?

Bernie, being Bernie says he's currently burned out for now. He wants to do his limericks on his twitter page if and when he's ready...and if Twitter survives the madness. As for the comic book reviews, he felt that he never quite found the feel for how he wanted to do things. Maybe he will come back to it in the future, especially now that he has a Marvel Unlimited account.

What's up with the naming of the episodes of the Melody Jackson Books?

The style of the naming of the episodes is supposed to mimic or give the feel for old 50s styles of horror movies, or other blatant media. There's no weird conspiracies going on here.