Melody Jackson

Season One

Season One - Book One

The Jackson's, and two ghost hunters, attempt to resolve the mysteries of not only the woman in white, but of two creepy stalkers, and the dreaded Bardo!

Season One - Book Two

The Jackson's expected the only horror they would experience this weekend was in babysitting cousin Jimmy. But when the door to Hell opens up, all bets were off.

Season One - Book Three

A neighbor dies leaving the family a package with mysterious contents, This sets in motion an adventure which threatens to reveal the true nature of reality.

Season One - Book Four

Bernie remembers something from his childhood he wished had remained forever buried, but is that revelation worse than the dreaded clowndigo ?!

Melody Jackson v. The Tomb of Horrors

Season One - Book Five

Coming soon

Melody Jackson v. The Night of the demon

Season One - Book Six


Melody Jackson v. The Pharaoh's curse

Season One - Book Six