The room was misty, like the moors of England.  A slow rolling cloud surrounded her bed, filling the room.

Melody rubbed her eyes.  "Well, " she said.  "This doesn't seem right.  Normally the outdoor weather stays outside."  At first she assumed this to be a problem with one of the many aging appliances her mother was always going on about.  Maybe the fridge had exploded or was leaking toxic fumes throughout the house. But she quickly discounted this as implausible and chided herself for being dramatic.  Clearly this was just a common fog bank which occasionally inhabited homes due to some climactic convergence or something.

Why was she suddenly awake now, anyway.   Fog's not exactly known for making a racket.  Did her unconscious mind waggle her out of her slumber because of some danger?   And then, as her own brain cleared, she suddenly remembered the loud crash outside her window that faced the driveway.  It was so loud it sounded as though the car had been somehow smashed by yet another car falling from the sky.  The more she thought about it, the sound was more of a crumpling than a crash?  

She shrugged. The world was always a little foggy when she first opened her eyes in the morning, and sounds and spatial orientations were alway a bit distorted without her morning coffee.

“Okay,” she said, getting out of bed.  “What do we have going on out here.”  She flung open her curtains, and at first couldn’t see the car...or the driveway.  The scene through the window was all white … with the exception of a blue orb in the middle of it.  The White, whatever it was, and the blue orb were glistening wet.  Melody’s morning brain couldn’t make sense of it.

Then suddenly the whatever it was blinked, and Melody took a step back, and screamed.

It Happened on Lafayette Street

Season One:  Episode Four

Melody Jackson 

vs. The Tomb of Horrors

by BMB Johnson


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