Lieutenant Tom stood in the darkness of his garage, and flipped through the photos on his camera. There were several, due to matters of security and “need to know”, he had not shown to the General and her family.

One showed two clear footprints escaping the basement of the Rhone house. They were odd and roundish. like the impressions of heavy basketballs. These prints were not unknown to him. They had been present on the day of his brother’s disappearance -- the one and only clue, and no one seemed to place any significance upon it.

The next shot was of the fence that faced the field on Lafayette street. There were clear signs of where this creature likely scaled the fence -- a large, almost bloody, blotch of slimy material dripped from the fence post.

Tom stared down at his phone, this thumb hovering over the play button. The last piece of evidence was a sound file. He played it again now, and closed his eyes in terror. It was the sound of metal tearing like a freight train being ripped in two.

It Happened on Lafayette Street

Season One: Episode Four

Melody Jackson

vs. The Creeping Terror

by BMB Johnson


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